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Securing Your Personal Valuables Against Fire and or Theft

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Whether it be priceless jewellery or valuables

Office computer back-up tapes or important documents or just domestic deeds and wills contained in the home, All Day Locksmiths can supply you with a safe especially designed to meet your needs.

What is a safe?

A safe can be called a strongbox, burglary chest, coffer, freestanding safe, or simply safe. In most cases it is a freestanding style safe that has been or could be bolted to the floor. The most popular safe sold is a freestanding safe because they available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. They are in most cases very roomy, easy to install and this type of safe can be placed in just about any location.

A real burglary safe has all steel walls which are thick enough to withstand any prolonged attack from either unskilled or the skilled criminal.

All Day Locksmith Commitment

All day Locksmiths are also committed to providing extra services such as safe maintenance, keypad & lock replacements as well as safe delivery, relocations and removal. We assure you of guaranteed prompt service with total satisfaction on completion.

All Day Locksmiths supply and install safes for your home, office or business. We have a wide range of new safes that we sell at competitive prices. We sell digital safes, key safes, fire resistant safes, rifle, gun and ammunition safes, cash deposit safes & key cabinet safes.

Weapons - Guns and Ammunition Storage

With any type of gun or ammunition, and especially if you have children you need to take extreme care and consideration on how the presence of a firearm or any weapon for that matter stored in the home could affect their safety.

9 out of 10 owners of dangerous weapons take precautions to keep their children from finding and handling or playing with the family's firearms.

However! Despite all efforts to keep weapons hidden away, children are curious creatures and will hunt them out!

Weapons of all descriptions need to be SECURELY LOCKED AWAY AND OUT OF SIGHT! it is true that children have often handled guns or other weapons in the home without their parent's knowledge; in one study an average of 25% of parents who really believed that "their children" had never handled the weapons stored in the home were "contradicted by the children themselves".

It is also proven that, when a child or teenager is killed by a lethal weapon, the weapon that killed them came from their own home fully 75% of the time.

Lock up all types of WEAPONS - GUNS AND AMMUNITION

Safe Storage

The firearms legislation sets out your responsibilities as a firearms owner in relation to safe storage.
NSW POLICE Learn more about Gun rules, regulations and storage. LOCK UP YOUR GUNS!

What safe storage is required when keeping GUNS!

Places where guns can be stored

Purchase and have the appropriate gun safe installed for any firearms you own. Important

A. All parties who have access to the safe with keys or the combination must be the holders of a licenced for each of the weapons (guns)contained in the safe.

B.Key or combination access to the guns locker (safe) may only be held by the licenced owner, partners, friends MUST NOT hold sets of keys or know the combinations if they are not licensed to use every item held within the safe.

C. Police inspections: Police can and often will visit your premises for a gun inspection and attempt to gain access to the gun locker or safe - They will ask who ever allows them entry to open the locker (safe). If the party is not licenced to use the weapons (guns) in the locker they never should not have access either with keys or know the combination. The police need to be advised that party does not have access and they will need to wait until the licenced owner can attend.

Store Weapons (guns) in an associates gun safe, this can be done however the associate must be the holder of the appropriate licences for the weapons to be stored on his/her premises and the authorities need to be notified within 7 days of placing the weapons in those premises. NOTE: When storing a pistol and your associate only has an A,B safe this is not allowed and the person who's storage you wish to use must be the holder of a hand gun or pistol license.

Store Weapons (guns) Most pistol or rifle clubs do have gun storage available, if they offer this service you need to advise the authorities that you will be using this service within 7 days.

Store Weapons (guns) Many Gun deals also offer weapon (gun) storage your gun dealer offers the service they usually charge a fee and the authorities need to be advised you are using the service within 7 days. This is a great service should you be looking for long or short term gun security. Holiday periods - Moving premises - waiting for proper home storage to be installed.

When a firearm or firearms are registered in your name you are obliged to notify the Firearms Registry of where they are being kept at all times. Every Australian State has a Firearms Registry

Once you have obtained a firearm and it is registered in your name it is presumed that you have safe storage facility and the weapon or weapons are stored at your address. You need to understand that you will be contacted by the local police and they will want to come inspect that your weapons (guns) firearms are safely stored. Should the storage be inadequate or does not meet the requirements the likelihood is loss of license.

Other Locking systems

Residential lock solutions tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Commercial locking systsms. Get the right security solution for your business or commercial space

Digital locking systsms. A digital lock is any kind of lock that is operated without a key

Master Key locking systsms is a lock that is designed to be opened by a specific individual key or keys.

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Locking Systems Available

•  COMMERCIAL LOCKING: Get the right security solution for your business or commercial space

•  DIGITAL LOCKING: A digital lock is any kind of lock that is operated without a key

•  MASTER KEY LOCKING: This is a group of locks that are designed to be opened by a specific individual key or keys

•  SAFES: Need a Safe? We can help supply and install; the demand for good quality Safes is growing

•  SNAPPED OR BROKEN KEYS: We can normally be at your door with in 30 minutes!

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